May 2009


Freeware is getting a bad rap! When software was first offered on the Internet it was free. But there were stability issues, bugs and it crashed all the time. Since then freeware has gotten a lot better and doesn’t deserve its rap anymore. So should you trust capturing video clips to freeware software?

Today there are freeware programs that can stand next to the big guys and come with all the bells and whistles that match some of the biggest mainstream programs but without the hefty price tags. Using a freeware programs to capture video clips can be an easy choice.

When choosing software programs to capture video clips, be sure to test the ones that are out there.  Many of the mainstream programs have a 30-day trial, so test them alongside the freeware programs. You just might find you don’t need to spend any money on the software and still get all the utilities you need to capture video clips.

Some of the most popular software for capturing video clips is SkillCapture, CamStudio and CaptureWizPro.  SkillCapture is used in the sports industry to focus on how the athlete plays. It can capture, display, compress and upload any video clip you can come up with. CamStudio and CaptureWizPro can handle the same as well as dealing with video file formats from .avi, .mkv, xvid, to .3gps.

Freeware can do what the mainstream video programs do and keep you updated on new video formats and other encoders. Now they also produce manuals and tutorials, video tutorials, of course. Freeware programs are easy to learn, sometimes easier than mainstream programs.

Software to capture video clips doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.  There are too many forums and blogs on the Internet that will spread the word quickly about any freeware programs that have too many flaws. Many software programmers aren’t willing to risk their reputation by producing junk software. So when you find a video capture software program that you are happy with – stick with it and don’t worry about the big guys.


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